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Laurie Walsh, LCSW, L.Ac.

Laurie is the founder and chief executive manager of Insight EAP LLC.  She is a licensed clinical social worker as well as a licensed acupuncturist who practices integrative health care in Chicago and Park Ridge, IL.  Laurie has more than fifteen years of mental health expertise, and she specializes in the evaluation & treatment of children and adults with attention deficit disorder (AD/HD). 

In her private practice, Laurie also works with couples having relationship difficulties and those suffering from depression and anxiety. 

"An integrative approach to wellness and health care makes the most sense to me.  I have seen time and time again the benefits of using both Western and Eastern modalities in the treatment of all kinds of difficulties, both physical and emotional," said Walsh.  

Laurie completed her master's degree in clinical social work (MSW), and earned Magna Cum Laude honors for her master's degree in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) and her bachelor's degree in nutrition.  She is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the integrative health care network, aptly called, InNetwork.

Laurie also served as President of the Board of Alumni, as well as an Advisory Board Member for Loyola University Chicago’s Graduate School of Social Work.  Still an active Loyola alum, Laurie provides supervision to recent LUC MSW students as they work towards licensure.